How can we be courageous and embrace creative risk taking while pursuing our dreams?  

In this episode of Live Creatively, I’m chatting with Merritt Onsa. Merritt is a Dream Coach and podcast host who inspires Christian women to trade fear and imposter syndrome for the God-shaped dreams they were created to pursue.

For so many of us, even just speaking our dreams out loud can feel terrifying! So, how do we actually pursue our dreams courageously? The truth is, pursuing and taking real steps towards making our dreams a reality will involve taking risks and that can feel scary! In our candid conversation, Merritt shares so much encouragement and advice about how to step out in courage while pursuing our dreams and how creative risk taking is such a big and necessary part of taking real steps forward in the direction of our dreams. 

Listen in as Merritt and I chat about:

  • How to courageously pursue our dreams and what that has looked like for her over the years
  • What courageously pursuing our dreams will require of us
  • How we can be courageous when we face risk and push past the fears that come with unknowns
  • Practical advice for taking real steps and making progress towards accomplishing our dreams

Do you have a dream tucked away in your heart? Maybe you’re feeling paralyzed by all the fears and what-ifs that stand between where you are right now and where you need to go in order for your dream to become a reality. We’ve all felt this way creative friend, but be encouraged. It is possible to pursue your dream – one small, shaky step at a time.

What does it mean to Merritt to Live Creatively?

“Accepting that you were, by nature, created by a creative being and therefore even if you think you’re not artistic or gifted in a certain way that’s not what being creative is about. We create things every day – I made a sandwich for my daughter this morning before I took her to school. This is a natural part of who we are and how we live. And so, for me it’s figuring out how to live out of who I uniquely am because I am God’s creation and understanding that there’s nobody out there that’s just like me. I was put on this earth at this time for a reason and knowing that gives me the freedom to be who God made me and to not worry about what other people might think about that, as hard as that is. And to just be a leader in your sphere of influence…in your sphere of creativity…and not shy aways from sharing the gifts that you’ve been given and your dream with others.”

If you are struggling to find the courage to step out and pursue your dream, this episode is for you!

About Merritt Onsa

Merritt Onsa is a Dream Coach and podcast host who inspires Christian women to trade fear and imposter syndrome for the God-shaped dreams they were created to pursue. Whether it’s starting a business, ministry, or non-profit, writing a book or shifting careers, Merritt’s coaching and teaching help women boldly take purposeful steps, face challenges without giving up, and overcome doubt to live out who they were created to be. 

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