Megan Sjuts Creative Coaching

My mission is to bring out the creative BEST in you and help you realize your fullest creative potential.

As a creative coach and former design professor, I am passionate about encouraging aspiring and emerging creatives to courageously pursue their paths.

Megan Sjuts Creative Coaching

Who is this for?

Creative Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, Designers, Makers, and Creators

If you are an aspiring or emerging creative struggling to get started or gain momentum in your business or career, you’re in the right place.

When you work with me, I will help you build a flourishing and fulfilling online business by owning your design–who you were created to be–and guiding you to pursue your path with confidence and clarity.

I will work with you every step of the way to help you connect to your creativity and reach your goals.

Does this sound like you?

You are an aspiring creative dreaming of starting your own business or an emerging creative desiring to grow your business and work with your dream clients. You are longing to create a life and business that allows you to be creative while doing meaningful, impactful work.

Maybe..You are just starting out on your creative journey and you need help getting clear and moving in the right direction.

Or…You’ve already started down your creative path, but need help gaining momentum to build a flourishing and fulfilling business.

  • You’re at the beginning of your journey and the path ahead is uncertain.
  • Confusion is holding you back and fear is keeping you from taking steps forward.
  • You feel stuck and unable to gain momentum.
  • You feel unsure of yourself and unclear about where you’re going.
  • You’re struggling to get clear about your identity and figure out your place in a crowded space.
  • You feel lost in a sea of other creatives. You’re not sure if there a place or space for you.
  • You’re trying to figure out your “style” and harness the power of your unique gifts and talents, but you feel frustrated because you’re not exactly sure what your strengths are and how to make yourself stand out.
  • When someone asks you what you specialize in, you hesitate and say, “a little of everything…” You feel scattered and unfocused. The pressure to figure out your niche NOW feels overwhelming to you and you’re not even sure how to do that.
  • You’re hiding your creativity behind a curated image because you’re scared to release perfectionism and put your truest self out there for others to judge.
  • You look around at other designers and creatives in your industry and compare yourself to them. You feel like you will never measure up. You fear that you’ll never be as successful as them because you already feel behind and you’re just getting started. You fear you’ll never catch up and feel like you’re not good enough.
  • You’re overwhelmed by all of the tools, apps, systems, programs, and platforms you think you need.
  • You feel like a hamster running on a wheel. You’re working so hard, doing more, running faster and faster, but nothing seems to be working or getting you the results you really want in your business.
  • You’ve downloaded ALL the free advice online, but it always falls flat or fails to move you forward.

You’re craving clarity and direction. You lack easy to follow steps and resources that actually help you move forward. You need guidance from someone who has been where you want to go to help you navigate the journey. You desire mentorship, but you’re struggling to find someone who really “gets it.”

How I’m going to help you…

Are you ready to make real progress and overcome what’s been holding you back from pursuing your creative path with confidence, clarity, and focus?

I can help you get clear and move forward as you pursue your creative path. When we work together, you’ll get mentorship and learn from the lessons I’ve gained navigating my own path and building my design business from nothing to flourishing and fulfilling. And, as a former design professor and seasoned industry expert, I’ve helped many other aspiring and emerging creatives to do the same.

Working with me as your coach will not be just fluffy, feel-good conversations about being creative. I will help you get results IF you are willing to commit to the process and do the work

Megan Sjuts Creative Coaching

What is Compass?

Compass is my signature 1-1 creative coaching program. I created this program to help you make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you’ve been given. When we work together, I will guide you through the essential steps of discovering your creative identity, connecting to your creativity, and pursuing your path. Together, we will navigate each step of my proven signature coaching system. This guided process will focus in on 7 key areas to help you get crystal clear and build the business you desire. Each step is designed to elevate you and build the momentum you need to move forward. With clarity and confidence, you will be empowered to stay forward focused and pursue your creative path with intention.

What’s included?

Compass is an 8-week, 1-1 coaching program. We will meet each week as I guide you through each of the 7 steps of my signature coaching system, The Creativity Field Guide. Each step of my signature coaching system, which took me years of lessons learned to work through myself, is designed to elevate you and build the momentum you need to move forward. As your virtual creative mentor, my goal is to collapse time that for you and provide the structure you need to build momentum that leads to focused forward movement.


The Compass program includes:


  • Creative Assessment
  • The Creativity Field Guide

1-1 coaching video calls each week (50 minutes)

Email access for 90 days

Access to the Creative in Community Facebook Group

Ready to work together?


If you are ready to get off the creative hamster wheel and finally pursue your path, complete the application for Compass below to book a FREE discovery call.

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