How do we manage the mounting feelings of overwhelm while prioritizing what matters most in the midst of full lives?  

In this episode of Live Creatively, I’m chatting with Hannah Pierrou. Hannah is a long-time lifestyle photographer, designer, and artist at Hannah Pierrou Photography, LLC.  Farm to Film is her debut book as an author & illustrator.

Like many of us as creatives, Hannah wears a lot of hats! She’s a wife, a homeschool momma, a photographer, a writer, an artist. She has a very full life and has certainly learned a thing or two over the years about how to manage feelings of overwhelm and prioritize what matters most in the midst of FULL schedules and REAL life. And we also discussed how to stay connected to our creativity with everything that is on our plates and competing for our attention.

Listen in as Hannah and I chat about:

  • How to recognize the key indicators of overwhelm in your life
  • What to do when you start to feel overwhelmed
  • How overwhelm affects us and overflows into all areas of our lives
  • The effects of overwhelm on our creativity
  • What has helped Hannah manage and overcome feelings of overwhelm in her life

Hannah shares so much encouragement and relatable advice from her own life and journey as a creative.

What does it mean to Hannah to Live Creatively?

“Who is ultimate creative? Who is our first ever, first-time, award-winning artist? And it’s God. God is the ultimate creative. He’s the Creator. I think about when we see artwork and we don’t know who painting is by. We might just admire the painting for its beauty and its color and its composition. But then maybe you find out your best friend was the artist. Then you can look at the painting in an entirely different way. When we know who the artist is we can look around this world and we can live out creatively because we know we’re living in a more divine purpose because God has given us those gifts and we know the artist. So, when we do artwork or we do creative work, it’s really His talent that He has given us that we get to live out. He’s using our hands, but He ultimately gave us that blessing and those gifts of how we can do those things on earth. And so, I really like putting people back to who really is the true artist here? It’s God. God has created everything for us so beautifully and so we have to give credit where credit is due and for me that has to be pointing back to Him. I just I love that picture even if you’re just looking out of your car when you’re driving and I always encourage my kids to point out all of God’s amazing creation. But if we don’t give credit to the creator then we’re just worshipping the creation. So, I always follow up and remind them that God made all of that for us to see…God made all of that so that we know who He is and we see how big and amazing He is. We don’t just worship the really cool tree we just passed by, but we worship the God who created such an amazing tree. That’s the way that I would encourage people, especially fellow creatives who are believers, to really live out their dreams, their goals, their creative abilities as if God is holding their hand in those ways and He’s given them the free will to really use those gifts and what better way than to use it for Him.”

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed and struggling to prioritize what matters most, this episode is for you!

About Hannah Pierrou

Hannah is a long-time lifestyle photographer, designer, and artist at Hannah Pierrou Photography, LLC.  Farm to Film  is her debut book as an author & illustrator. Hannah’s love for the outdoors and animals have always held a strong place in her heart. Alongside her husband, they are raising her own family in the Colorado foothills. She finds herself daily inspired with passion for farm life and the countryside. Their world is filled with backyard chickens, two pet dogs, two adorable kittens, and tons of Colorado mountain wildlife.  

As a designer and lifestyle photographer, Hannah loves sharing the concept of capturing the beautiful creation found in everyday experiences. Her book shares a simple childlike way of doing just that. It is also important for Hannah to utilize her experience as an artist to expose her readers to various design elements such as detail, contrast, movement, composition, shape, and rhythm. In a culture saturated with bloggers and the competitive digital world, her children’s book takes the time instead, to capture daily life and elevates the focus to a more genuine conscience. 

You can find all of the links to connect with Hannah and check out anything she mentioned in the episode below: 


Farm To Film – An Alphabetical Adventure told through the Eyes of an Old Lens


Farm to Film is a beautiful adventure through the alphabet filled with fun illustrations and nostalgic joy. Farm to Film will attract the eager young reader loving playful images and farm animals. They will find a new favorite animal with every page turned and enjoy listening to the rhythmic sounds over and over each read. Readers drawn to wholesome topics for their littles will truly appreciate the unique watercolor and classic message portrayed in a new way. Whether it’s the geometric designs, the plump pig’s expression, or the playful narrative, readers of all ages will be delighted from A-Z.

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