Imposter syndrome is likely something we have all faced as creatives. So how do we overcome and not allow it to hold us back in our creative pursuits?  

In this episode of Live Creatively, I’m chatting with Bree Grenier. Bree is a fellow designer and the owner of Marque Creative Studio. She helps creative entrepreneurs make their brands more memorable and more profitable through strategic brand and website design.

I love Bree’s story because, as someone who also took an unconventional path to design, I can relate to so much of what she shares in this episode. She opens up about how she often felt less qualified than other creatives and wrestled with feelings of imposter syndrome along her way. I loved this candid conversation with Bree and the advice she shared from her own experiences about how to overcome imposter syndrome, which I think is something we have all faced as creatives at some point in our journeys. I know it’s certainly something I have found myself struggling with as well, especially when I was just getting started as a graphic designer.

Listen in as Bree and I chat about: 

  • What imposter syndrome is and how it impacts us, and our work, as creatives
  • How Bree struggled with imposter syndrome along her journey to design
  • The connection between unhealthy comparison and imposter syndrome
  • How we can disqualify ourselves from opportunities when we believe the lies of imposter syndrome
  • What helped Bree overcome the feelings and symptoms of imposter syndrome that were holding her back

Bree shares so much valuable advice and encouragement for the creative who finds themselves struggling with imposter syndrome. If that’s you, I know this episode will resonate and help you feel less alone in the feelings so many creatives wrestle with regularly!

What does it mean to Bree to Live Creatively?

“For me, living creatively is really about taking control to design your own life. Taking charge and not being controlled by your environment, but making conscious decisions that will let us lead the life that we want to create.

If you want to know how to finally overcome those feelings of imposter syndrome that keep holding you back, this episode is for you!

About Bree Grenier

Bree helps creative entrepreneurs make their brands more memorable and more profitable through strategic brand and website design. A few short years ago, she was working as a corporate sales and marketing executive, and felt like she was living out of a suitcase. At one point she would have said she landed her dream job, but after a little soul searching, she realized her dreams had changed.

Bree now works with female founders who struggle to fit it all in – who have big dreams for their business, but don’t know how (or have the time!) to make it all happen.

She’s more than “just” a designer, she’s a strategist whose goal is to make a difference in her client’s business. She helps entrepreneurs authentically share their brand and story through intentional, thoughtful design, helping them to reach their ideal client, communicate their value, and make more money.

You can find all of the links to connect with Bree and check out anything she mentioned in the episode below: 

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