How do we create online businesses that truly align with the lives we desire?

In this episode of Live Creatively, I’m chatting with my friend and creative peer, Karen Howell. Karen is an incredibly talented web developer who runs an eCommerce consultancy for modern luxury brands. She is also is the founder of a community for creative entrepreneurs.

I loved this candid conversation with Karen as she shares so much valuable advice and encouragement for how to create alignment between our online businesses and the lives we truly desire. Karen shares what that journey has looked like for her over the years and so much helpful insight and encouragement for the creative entrepreneur navigating similar challenges.

Listen in as Karen and I chat about: 

  • How to build an online business that supports the life you desire
  • Her own journey and struggles along the way to achieving this alignment
  • What to do when your business does NOT feel aligned with the kind of life you want to be living
  • Her biggest pieces of advice for someone who wants to start an online creative business
  • Encouragement and practical advice for the creative who is just getting started or desires to create an online business

Trust me I know…there is SO much that goes into creating, running, and growing an online business. My heart is always to share the things I wish I knew when I was just getting started. So, I think this episode will be especially helpful to the creative who is at the beginning of their journey.

Plus, Karen is just such a joy to listen to! I know that you are going to be inspired, encouraged, and equipped to build a creative business that truly aligns with the life you desire to live.


What does it mean to Karen to Live Creatively?

“Living creatively means to me that you are living life in the way you want to show up, the way you want to explore the world, the way you want to be recognized and even remembered based on values and beliefs that align with you. So, it’s about you being able to create something that’s unique to the things that you enjoy that can help other people.”

If you want to know how to create an online business that aligns with the life you desire, this episode is for you! 

About Karen Howell

Karen is a multi-hyphenated creative who runs an eCommerce consultancy for modern luxury brands and is the founder of a community for creative entrepreneurs. Based in the beautiful state of Washington, Karen is passionate about helping business owners create a timeless and sustainable business that operates on their terms.

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