How do we seek out community and find mentorship along our creative journeys?

In this episode of Live Creatively, I’m chatting with my friend Kelsey Chapman, author of What They Taught Me: Recognizing the Mentors Who Will Take You from Dream to Done.

Kelsey and I chat about the importance of community to us as creatives, cultivating meaningful relationships with others, and how to navigate the tricky dynamics of finding a mentor.

Listen in as Kelsey and I chat about: 

  • The importance of community to us as creatives and how find it
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships with others
  • How to seek out mentorship and find a mentor
  • The roles of both community and mentors in our lives
  • Pushing past the discomfort of putting yourself out there to find meaningful connections
  • Kelsey’s book, What They Taught Me: Recognizing the Mentors Who Will Take You from Dream to Done.

Kelsey also shares so much valuable advice and encouragement for anyone who is struggling to find a mentor and/or community with other creatives.

What does it mean to Kelsey to Live Creatively?

“I think curiosity is the number one way live creatively. No matter where you’re at in your career…come to the table curious, eager to learn. You have to live curiously in order to live creatively because the second you think you’ve got it all figured out…you’re missing it! So, to be creative is to be curious and to explore and to let things flop and to have conversations with people you disagree with…And so, I think just approaching life with curiosity will take you far in the creative space.”

If you want to know how to intentionally seek out community and find mentorship, this episode is for you! 

About Kelsey Chapman

Kelsey is the author of What They Taught Me: Recognizing the Mentors Who Will Take You from Dream to Done. She is a rising thought leader and online educator who helps creatives and entrepreneurs build their brand, steward their influence, and work from a point of freedom. She is the host of The Radiant Podcast, and empowers and equips women through her Radiant Retreats and Dream to Done online mentorship program.


What They Taught Me: Recognizing the Mentors Who Will Take You from Dream to Done

“You don’t have to do this alone.”

Entrepreneur and podcast host Kelsey Chapman thanks God for the wonderful mentors who stepped into her life to give her the wisdom, inspiration, and support she needed in each season. In What They Taught Me, she’ll show you how to find a mentor who will help you reach your dreams—and how you can become that person for someone else.

As she recognizes ten women who changed the course of her life, Kelsey passes on the expert guidance that enriched her perspective, helped her live out her passions, and kept her hopeful and optimistic about the process. This book will help you…

  • identify your goals along with the steps needed to achieve them
  • partner with women who have already walked the road before you
  • encourage others by sharing the insights you’ve gained from your own experience

God uses an entire community to shape you into the person He made you to be. Join Kelsey in celebrating mentorship, and learn how you can cultivate meaningful relationships by investing in others and welcoming them to invest in you.

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