If you’re here, you may be wondering…what’s with the name?

Building 07 may seem like an unusual choice for the name of a business. But the meaning behind this simple title is incredibly significant to me and my creative journey.

The story behind the name began during my years as an undergrad in South Florida, where I earned my bachelor’s degree at a small, private business college. As an advertising and marketing major, my classes often allowed more creativity than most. And occasionally (okay, most of the time) that meant bending (okay, breaking) some rules.

As most of us have had the displeasure of experiencing, classrooms in college can be anything but inspiring. Let’s face it, chalky white cinder block walls, yellowed ceiling tiles, and plastic desk chairs don’t exactly get the creative juices flowing.

So, my advertising professor decided that sometimes we needed a little (unofficial, unapproved) field trip to mix things up. A change of environment.

When we would come to our normal assigned classroom to find a sticky note on the door saying “Class moved to Building 07” we knew that was code for head over to Panera Bread in the shopping center behind campus.

It was like our secret creativity oasis filled with coffee and carbs. We would all sit around the biggest table we could find and share ideas freely with no creative boundaries. Despite inevitably getting off topic, these secret field trips to Panera were always our most productive and energizing classes together.

Cozy coffee shop corners became a part of my creative process. Now, whenever I need a boost of creativity, I pack up my laptop + head to my favorite local coffee shop. A simple change of scenery often leads to my best work.

And so…the dream began.

My vision for Building 07 is for it to be a space, whether face-to-face or through a screen, where you feel welcome + inspired. I want it to feel like you are tucked away in the corner of your favorite coffee shop where you go to dream + get stuff done.

As the designer + creative strategist at Building 07, I am here to serve you + simplify the design process.

Welcome to Building 07. Let’s build something together!