Hey Friends! First, I would like to say THANK YOU for being here. Really. I am grateful that you care enough to read these words.

Whether you have been following along with my creative journey for years or just stumbled across my name somewhere on the Internet, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and a little of my life on the other side of this screen. No one wants to work with a robot designer, right?

So grab a cup of coffee and keep reading if you want to learn a little more about me.

My story begins in the sunshine state, Florida, where I was born and raised. I spent most of my childhood running around outside in an orange grove or on a beach.



















































But I’ll fast forward a few years to where my creative journey to design really started…business school.

In 2012, I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing and Advertising Management. After I graduated, I got a pretty standard entry level job in the marketing industry doing what I thought I wanted to do…work at an agency. But my time in the industry was pretty short lived after a negative experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Then some unexpected life circumstances brought me back home for a few years. It was during this season of my life when I began to explore the path of graphic design and I decided it was a good time to go back to school. It was in grad school that I really found my passion for design and starting freelancing on the side. Then, in 2017, I earned my Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MAMC) degree at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, specializing in Web Design and Online Communications.

Oh, and sandwiched between 2012 and 2017, I got married and moved across the country.
































































And that brings us to today! I now live and work in beautiful Southern Oregon with my husband, Elliot, our chocolate lab, Dixie, and four chickens, Sunny, Popcorn, Peanut and Penny. It’s basically a mini farm around here. We love pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. So, when we’re not busy renovating our house, you can find us outside hiking, camping, swimming or just riding around in the mountains here in Oregon.

And when I’m not behind the screen designing for clients, I spend my time teaching college students about all things graphic design here in Southern Oregon, where I serve as an adjunct instructor of graphic design at Rogue Community College.

I’ll share more details about the story behind the name of my business, Building 07, in another post. But my vision for Building 07 is for it to be a space, whether face-to-face or through a screen, where you feel welcome and inspired. Just like we’re tucked away in the corner of a cozy coffee shop sipping on a warm latte + sharing creative ideas.   

I’m so grateful you’re here, friend. Let’s grab (virtual) coffee in the comments! I would love to connect with you!