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7 Things I’ve Learned from Launching Building 07

The launch of my vision for Building 07 has been a long time coming. Maybe too long. Anybody know what I mean?! When you have something on your heart that feels bigger than you it can be challenging to get started and moving in a forward direction. Suffice it to say I...

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The Story Behind the Name

If you're here, you may be wondering...what's with the name? Building 07 may seem like an unusual choice for the name of a business. But the meaning behind this simple title is incredibly significant to me and my creative journey. The story behind the name began...

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Meet the Designer

Hey Friends! First, I would like to say THANK YOU for being here. Really. I am grateful that you care enough to read these words. Whether you have been following along with my creative journey for years or just stumbled across my name somewhere on the Internet, I...

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